Saturday, June 20, 2009


We'd like to introduce you to our latest label acquisition, Project Mooncircle and distro hook up HHV.DE. Both based out of Berlin but releasing music from various parts of the globe, they bring quality underground hip-hop and instrumental music for your listening pleasure.

Project Mooncircle
"It is a Label of artists from the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Finland and the US. Project: Mooncircle wants to concentrate the creative potential of all artists, without restricting them in any way. this label with various producers shall be an interesting pleasure for all, who like the extraordinary ordinariness.

The unifications of minds, music and message to fill a void. Artists are from both Europe and the Americas. Not only musical but visual. The Artwork combines the German hand skills of Andy K., Gordon, Ima One (Japan) and Beta Bodega Coalition’s graphic guerilla, La Mano Fria. Once again proving the underground is global, universal and without borders which the system wishes you to believe are there. Nothing can stop you and i, only the illusions of obstacles in your mind.."

We just received our first delivery direct from Berlin which includes the brand spanking new SCIENZ OF LIFE LP hot off the press. All the stock is exclusive to our store and you'll be hard pressed to find it anywhere else!

Here is some of the stuff we have in at the moment: (click the links for more info)

Scienz of Life - Leviathan 2LP
John Robinson - A Place Called Home (Ft Lewis Parker) 7"
VA - Silent In Truth (The Inner Splendour) 2LP
Mr Cooper - What Else There Is 2LP
Mathematik - No Divsion 2.1 LP
The Grouch and Eligh - Say G&E! EP
Abstract Rude - No Longer A King [picture disc] 7" (limited 500 press)
Subtitle - Terrain To Roam LP
Arepaz Immigrante Orchestra presenta - Greencard EP
7" (limited green vinyl)
Arepaz Immigrante Orchestra - Greatest Hits Vol 2 LP
Biz Markie - What Comes Around Goes Around 12" (repress)
Necro - Death Rap 2LP
Aboriginals - Number Theory 12" (repress)
Ammon Contact - Brothers From Another 12"
Othello of Lightheaded - Alive At The Assembly LP
Cadence of Raw Produce - Creative Commerce LP
Biz Markie - Pickin' Boogers 12" (repress)
Tableek of Maspyke, Whizz & Daru - Day In Day Out 12"

Our friends from other stores around the country, good news for you too. Shortly we will begin doing distribution for current and future releases from Project Mooncircle and HHV in Australia so stay tuned or get in touch for more info!

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